Clavicembali William Horn

Harpsichords, spinets, virginals, clavichords, fortepianos, claviorgans

My instruments – harpsichords, spinets, virginals, clavichords, fortepianos, claviorgans – are exact copies of historical instruments from museums or private collections, chosen as the most representative examples of the various schools of instruments making.

Every instrument is individually hand-made using historical techniques of construction. The quest for quality, with perfection as the ultimate and unattainable goal, is the guiding principle of all my work.

Every instrument is a unique creation whose craftsmanship is guaranteed to be authentic.


The woods used are of only the finest quality (of european provenance), and are personally selected and milled from myself.

Clavicembali William Horn

The strings used for all the instruments are made from alloys determined by metallurgical analysis, and they give to my instruments an exceptionally full and sonorous tone.

The hardware (hinges, nails, pins, etc.) is all hand-made and hammered from hot metal. Keyboards and action parts (including jacks and registers guides) are made by hand in the workshop.

The final part of the work, which includes the voicing of the plectra and the regulation of the action is accomplished with not only technical competence, but with musical understanding as well; the touch and the tone of the instrument depend largely on this phase of the work.

Besides the instruments listed in the catalogue, it is, of course, also possible to make copies of other extant instruments (Download the file TECHNICAL DRAWINGS), eventually with modifications to suit the customer’s specific needs.

William Horn

William Horn was born and grown up in Italy. The Horn Family originates from Southern Germany (near Memmingen), in the 19th century moved to Trieste (which belonged to Austria until 1918).

Since completing his own musical studies in organ and harpsichord, he has devoted himself to harpsichord building under the guidance of Grant O’ Brien (Russell Collection, Edinburgh).

As a performer, he has played concerts in Europe and in Asia, with broadcast and CD recordings (Ensemble Florilegium, Wien Barock, P&B Dusi).

Since 1988 he has been working mainly as a Harpsichord Maker, until 2012 in his workshop in Brescia. From 2013 William Horn came to be part of the historic company J.C.NEUPERT, in Bamberg (Germany). He’s going on as secondary activity with the organological study and Harpsichord building.

His instruments are currently in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain, Russia, U.S.A., belonging to musical institutions and academies of music, concert artists, and teachers at conservatories and academies.

These instruments have been used for concerts and recordings by G. Leonhardt, K. Gilbert, B. van Asperen, O. Dantone, A. Marcon, L. F. Tagliavini, M. Barchi, J. L. Gonzales Uriol, A. Staier, C. Hogwood, W. Christie, J. F. Malgoire, J. Savall, F. Bruggen, A. Bylsma, F. Biondi, E. Kirkby, C. Abbado.

Harpsichords William Horn


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